A native of Plainfield, NJ, the wife of Bishop William Sterling Spain, The First Lady of The Glorious Church of Raleigh, NC and the International Supervisor of Women for the International Council of Pentecostal Ministries.

Lady Regina by trade is a registered nurse, but has turned her focus to the ministry. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Pastoral and Family Counseling.

She received her adjutancy training under the teaching of Dr. Kendrix J. Gardner Sr. Christian Love Church of Valdosta, Ga. There she realized the love of being a true servant of God and became the personal adjutant to the first lady.

On May 20, 2011 Lady Regina was joined in Holy matrimony with His Grace Bishop William Spain and began a new chapter in her life. Together they have four children and 2 grandchildren.

Under the covering of her husband at the Glorious Church she discovered her passion and love for women, especially those less fortunate, battered, abused and beaten down by life situations, she was given the revelation to create a safe haven for those that needed help and began the new and overhauled vision (keeping in line with the vision of her husband) the Women’s Department Heart 2 Heart.

Lady Regina believes that a virtuous woman is a kingdom principle to a woman of God; Proverbs 31 isn’t about being perfect it’s about living a life full of purpose.

Lady Regina is not the “typical” first lady, she does not preach, she does not sing, nor does she play an instrument. She is a woman after God’s heart and believes “God never wastes an experience.”